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Imagination, Innovation and Quality at Our Location or Yours.

Classic Interior Completions Headquarters is a modern, FAA-certified facility for cabin refurbishment in Willoughby, Ohio. We also have a repair station located in Naples. Florida. These locations, and the extensive range of technologies they house, allow us to accommodate any customer challenge, with utmost convenience and timeliness. Our growing staff, of over 40 fine cabinetmakers, upholsterers, artisans, fabricators and engineers, has the workspace and state-of-the-art tools to bring each project from concept to completion, with unmatched attention to both detail and cost.

These capabilities are not only comprehensive, they are also completely mobile. Regardless of scope, your cabin refurbishment can be executed at the location that makes the most business sense for you.

We understand how short your time on the ground may be... and we respect your "need for speed." With our mobile service, there is no need to land anyplace special to take advantage of our expertise and craftsmanship.

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